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Advantages for which to settle in the Canary Islands

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Corporate tax

Application in Corporate Tax of a tax rate of 4%, unlike the general rate in Spain of 25%. 


Non-Resident Income Tax

In relation to the Non-Resident Income Tax, the following concepts will be exempt from withholding in Spain:

-dividends distributed by subsidiaries of ZEC entities to their parent companies residing in another country

-Interest and other income obtained from the assignment to third parties of own capital

-Equity gains derived from personal property obtained without the mediation of a permanent establishment


For these purposes, this exemption applies to income obtained by residents in any state when said income is paid by a ZEC Entity and comes from operations materially and effectively carried out in the geographical area of the ZEC.


Transfer tax and stamp duty

Likewise, the ZEC Entities will be exempt from taxation in the Tax on Patrimonial Transfers and Documented Legal Acts in the following cases:

The acquisition of goods and rights destined to the development of the activity of the ZEC Entity in the geographical scope of the ZEC.
The corporate operations carried out by the ZEC Entities, except for their dissolution.
The documented legal acts linked to the operations carried out by said entities in the geographical area of the ZEC.



In the ZEC regime, the deliveries of goods and provision of services made by the ZEC Entities among themselves, as well as the imports of goods made by them, will be exempt from taxation by the IGIC.

Lastly, taking into account the limits established by community regulations regarding the accumulation of aid, under certain conditions, the ZEC is compatible with other REF tax incentives such as the Reserve for Investments in the Canary Islands (RIC) or the deduction for assets new fixed (the DIC).

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